When my sister was eighteen years old, she heard a rustling in her closet. Upon investigation she found two year old me, standing in her high heels with a full face of make-up. After helping myself to her make-up bag I looked a bit frightful, but she says that everything was where it should've been: mascara on my lashes and blush on my cheeks, lipstick mostly on the mouth. So my love-affair began: in wobbly heels and clumpy lashes.

This was not to say that was where my skill began. There weren't YouTube tutorials when I was first putting on bright blue eye shadow from my lash line to my eyebrows, so at first it was a lot of trial and error…and then some more error. Occasionally my make-up would look so bad that people, strangers even, felt compelled to tell me about it. Instead of dampening my enthusiasm, it just instilled a life-long need for education, for information. That started with Kevin Aucoin's “Making Faces” and moved me from beauty counter to beauty counter listening to advisors tell me about new looks and products. My skill set was gradually improving, but I never thought I'd be on the other side of the counter. While I was getting a facial at Chanel, I told the esthetician that I had always wanted to do what she was doing, so she suggested St. Paul College. Two weeks later I was sitting in class. It was there I met a fellow student who worked at MAC. She got me an interview, and I built my skill set from there.

One of the most important aspects of this is that knowing what you want and being willing to learn about it and try for it is what takes you to higher levels than just innate talent can provide. My mother was an artist, yes, and I knew the color wheel (and proper brush care) before I was in pre-school, but I never thought something I enjoyed so much that it didn’t seem like work could be possibly be my vocation.

On top of the process of me learning make-up I had horrible acne as a teenager and even into my twenties. And just that level of discomfort that people looked at me and didn't see me, just my acne, inspired change. I went to dermatologists and tried everything, did everything, and it did eventually work for me. But that level of commitment to my skin made me want to put that level of effort into helping others. I got my C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Certification and worked in Medical Spas assisting others in making a positive change for their skin.

People tell me I'm magic, now. They say that I don't even actually apply makeup, I'm just waving my magic wand, fixing all their little problem areas and bringing out their best self. But it's because I have put so much effort and dedication into finding myself and my style that I want to make sure no one else has to do that much to find theirs.

CIDESCO Certification


Betsey is a seasoned make-up artist of more than years (including seven years as a MAC make-up artist and manager) who uses her experience with every skin tone/texture, age, and face/eye shape to make beauty accessible to everyone. However, not only does she have the experience of transforming thousands of different faces; she is also a C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Certified International Esthetician. So you can rest easy that every product is the appropriate for you and your skin. This passion for beauty and skin care translates to her Bachelors in the Psychology of Beauty so your experience is never just skin deep. The mini beauty store she brings along to her appointments is designed to work with every age, skin tone and type to address concerns and positively enhance your strengths.


Our kits contain an array of MAC, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Smashbox, TooFaced as well as some backstage secret products. Every color and formula is available to create the look you want. Luminous Beauty also offers TEMPTU Airbrush products for that extra flawless finish.

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